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How To Cook California Rice (Japanese varieties)

How To Cook California Rice (Japanese varieties)
Recipe Comments:
Today's milling processes are technologically sophisticated and have produce no wash rice known as musenmai. However, many consumers still elect to wash their rice. And most traditional sushi chefs prepare by washing rice 30 minutes prior to cooking.
Amount Ingredient
3 c California rice, premium medium grain rice, uncooked
3 3/4 c water
1/3 c rice vinegar
2 T sugar
1/2 T sea salt
•Large Bowl
•Rice Cooker

Most recognized California rice brands include Botan, Lucky Rose, Nishiki, Shirakiku, and Kukuho.

Most recognized rice cooker brands include Panasonic, Zojirushi, and Tiger.

1| Measure 3 cups of rice and place in a bowl with approximately a cup of water, per wash

2| Wash rice mixing it with the palm of your hand

3| Rinse with water and repeat 3-4 times

4| Put into a strainer and drain water and set aside for 30 minutes

5| Place in rice cooker and add 3 ¾ cups of water

6| Turn on rice cooker and let cook until it automatically turns off

7| Let rice set, cooking and setting (steaming process) should equal about 45 minutes

8| Recipe Yields approximately 9-10 cups of steamed (cooked) rice

Tips for perfect rice:
1| Cooking in a rice cooker takes about 20 minutes

2| Rice cooker shuts off automatically

3| Keep rice in closed cooker for another 25 minutes so steaming process set the rice

How To Cook Sushi Rice

•Wooden Tub or large shallow glass mixing bowl
•Wooden Spatula

First, place all steamed rice from previous recipe into the wooden tub and set aside.

Instructions for Sushi Seasoning:
1| In a glass mixing bowl, combine rice vinegar, sugar and sea salt completed. Heating rice vinegar will help dissolve sugar and salt more quickly, see tips

2| Lightly pour sushi seasoning vinegar over all the steamed rice

3| Mix using a cutting or slicing motion, ensuring that all rice is covered with sushi seasoning

4| Wait for few minutes after initial mixing

5| Flip all of the seasoned sushi rice in the bowl to cool the other side of the sushi rice.

1| Heating rice vinegar is optional, use glass container and not metal. Some professionals opt to not heat vinegar by making the seasoning ahead of time and aging it in the refrigerator. Simply mix all seasoning ingredients and mix occasionally and it will break down, try this a day ahead of making sushi and refrigerate.

2| The perfect steam rice to sushi seasoning ratio should be 10 cups of steamed sushi rice 1.5 cups of sushi rice seasoning

3| Sushi rice should be served at room temperature for a home sushi party

4| It is recommended to make sushi and eat as soon as possible

5| Please refrain from keeping sushi rice out for long periods of time, like most food it will require refrigeration. Sushi rice is best when used immediately.
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