Regal Find

By Jim Morris, California Rice Commission Communications Manager

Ever have one of those moments where you see something so magnificent, you have to do a double take and then count your lucky stars about your good fortune?

I had one of those moments today during a trip through the Sacramento Valley rice country.  Large flocks of birds are a common sight in rice fields, especially during the winter Pacific Flyway migration.  After scores of trips through this region, I hadn’t had a chance to see a Bald Eagle in a rice field.  My regal find happened in Nelson, Butte County and after I took deep cleansing breaths I was able to snap a quick photograph of our national bird.

Those who live around rice country get this treat from time to time.  In fact, a recent front-page photo in the Chico Enterprise Record had no fewer than seven bald eagles in it.  Let me tell you, it’s impressive to see these birds standing proud in our own backyard. To top it off I saw another adult Bald Eagle and a juvenile eagle, but was unable to take any more photos.  I did, however, see a huge flock of birds off a small road just a few miles from the eagle discovery.

This is prime time for wildlife viewing in and around rice fields in the North State. Take your camera and binoculars and keep your eyes peeled.  You just might have more sightings of our national bird and all its majesty!

Jim Morris is Communications Manager for the California Rice Commission.  Jim has worked in communications for more than 20 years.  When he’s not on the job, he enjoys his family, faith, football, outrageous monster stories and running marathons